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The well-liked former Playboy model and reality show star of “The Girls Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson continues to be attempting to prevent the discharge of the Vivid Entertainment sex tape video. Although Kendra Wilkinson has openly recognized that the sex tape exists, and although she’s got had little trouble baring her body in front of video cameras for Playboy, she doesn’t want this sex tape presented to the public. As questionable as a few of her actions have been around in days gone by — flashing cameras, for example — it is not easy to state what may be around the sex tape video that will cause her to fight its launch.

Kendra Wilkinson had seemingly just turned 18 when she created the sex tape video, according to TMZ. The sex tape video just isn’t of her and her former boyfriend, Hugh Hefner. Nor may be the sex tape video with the blonde bombshell and her husband, Philadelphia Eagles football player Hank Baskett III. It is just a tape made in 2005 that captures Kendra Wilkinson with a past boyfriend.

But which might be beside the point. Since leaving “Girls Next Door” after five seasons, Wilkinson starred in a spin-off, “Kendra,” which chronicled her life and plans of marrying Hank Baskett. Kendra Wilkinson were built with a child too, an infant boy, Hank IV.

Is the child be the purpose Kendra Wilkinson is indeed against her sex tape video going public? Is it that she does not want her son to ever be able to see his mother having sex with a man not his father?

She’s only some of the person related to Playboy making waves of a sex tape video. Back October, for Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand told TMZ that she would definitely sue Vivid Entertainment for releasing a sex tape video of her along with a boyfriend. Many at the time believed it absolutely was a publicity stunt to obtain more viewers for the reality show “Leave It To Lamas” (Shauna Sand was once married to Lorenzo Lamas) — and it could have been, partially — but it had been discovered later that she had signed off on the sex tape video with Vivid Entertainment.

Kendra Wilkinson can at the moment be viewed on E! Television on episodes of the second season of “Kendra,” which premiered in March.

Vivid Entertainment, billed because the world’s biggest adult film company, announced it had obtained a sex tape of “Girls Next Door” star Kendra Wilkinson and would be releasing it close to the end of May. The announcement was quickly accompanied by Kendra Wilkinson making statements that she was, based on OK! magazine, “desperately waging a legal battle to keep it from going public.” Be that as it might, Radar Online has found proof the Playboy model and reality show star actually started an organization in 2008 to promote and then sell her sex tapes.

The plural just isn’t a typo. Radar Online contends that Kendra Wilkinson, who was simply dating professional football player Hank Baskett back then, formed an organization called Homer Productions LLC. The celebrity gossip site further contends which they found proof that there is certainly multiple sex tape because of references in the company charter to multiple tapes many times.

Radar Online also notes they’ve obtained documents that reveal agreements made between Kendra Wilkinson among others where she would own and control the the business while her team of representatives would “solicit offers” for that sex tapes. Her intent, according to Radar Online, ended up being to shop the sex tape videos secretly.

Kendra Wilkinson was filming her last season of “Girls Next Door” when the organization was formed. She later starred in “Kendra,” a “Girls Next Door” spinoff which is now in their second season. She left the Playboy mansion, coincidentally the address of Homer Productions LLC, and married these Hank Baskett in 2009. She also gave birth to an infant son, Hank Baskett IV.

And he or she is trying to block the release of the Vivid controlled sex tape video. Whether Kendra Wilkinson is trying to block the discharge web hosting reasons (embarrassment to her husband and son) or for business (rights of ownership), she seems determined to stop it.

But tend to she? Vivid Entertainment plans on releasing the sex tape video inside their possession (the one which she reportedly made using a former boyfriend after she turned 18 yrs . old) online at the end of May. Jennifer Lopez got a restraining order issued to prevent the discharge of her wedding party night sex tape, so it will be possible.

Kendra Leigh Baskett (born June 12, 1985), commonly known as professionally by her birth name of Kendra Wilkinson, can be an American television personality and glamour model. She is well known for her role about the E! reality-television show The girls Nearby, where her lifetime as one of Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends was documented. But not a Playboy Playmate, she has made an appearance in three nude pictorials together with her Girls Across the street costars and fellow Hefner girlfriends Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Her very own reality series, Kendra, debuted in June 2009. Watch Kendra Wilkinson Sextape.

Early life

Kendra Wilkinson was born in North park, Ca, and it is of Irish lineage. She is the elder of two kids; her younger brother is Colin. Her mother, Patti, was originally from Cherry Hill, New jersey, and had been a cheerleader for your Philadelphia Eagles. Her father, Eric, was raised in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and Ocean City, Nj, before moving to North park, California, at 15. He acquired a diploma in Biochemistry from your University of California, Hillcrest, and proceeded to found several medical organizations, before retiring at the age of 48. Patti and Eric married on November 5, 1983. They separated on March 25, 1994, when Kendra was eight. Her grandmother Gloria Wilkinson died in December 2004. Wilkinson spent my youth in Clairemont, a middle-class community in central North park, and attended Clairemont High school graduation, from which she graduated in 2003. She played softball for six years with all the Clairemont Bobby Sox. When she left senior high school she began working like a sophisticated style model, and also briefly worked being a dental assistant.


Wilkinson met Hugh Hefner at his 78th house party in April 2004, where she was hired to become one of the “painted girls” (women who are nude with the exception of painted-on accessories). Hefner had apparently seen her picture, shot by photographer Kim Riley, over a fax machine on the Playboy Mansion and wished to know who she was. Soon when they met, Hefner asked Wilkinson being one of his girlfriends, and he moved her in to the Playboy Mansion together with her dogs, Raskal and Martini.

She was showcased about the E! reality television series The girls Next door, which followed the lives of Hefner’s then-girlfriends: Wilkinson, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. She moved out of the Playboy Mansion in 2009 after meeting her future husband, Hank Baskett, and filmed her own spin-off reality show for E! called Kendra. The initial season was ready her living by herself and planning her wedding. Kendra Wilkinson sextape video.

Wilkinson makes several cameos on different programs such as Las vegas and Entourage. She also appeared in Akon’s music video “Smack That”. While around the group of the video, Eminem poured a bottle of water on her behalf head, though the two later reconciled. In 2006, she appeared in the Playboy Special Editions Sexy 100. In 2007, she appeared in Nickelback’s music video of “Rockstar”, together with Madison and Marquardt. In addition they had a cameo role in the 2006 film Scary Movie 4. Wilkinson also showed her creative side being a rapper on MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar which debuted on August 30, 2007. She rapped to Ludacris’ “Fantasy”, in reaction towards the question asked through the show’s host, “Can Kendra move her mouth as soon as she moves her booty? She went on to consider second place, losing to Shar Jackson.

Wilkinson’s stated career goal is becoming a massage therapist or sports announcer. In December 2005, she became an everyday blogger columnist on the website of the Philadelphia Eagles, a team which is why her mother have been a professional cheerleader, and which is why her husband plays professionally.

Wilkinson stars in a spinoff of girls Next door, titled Kendra, which is targeted on her life after leaving the Playboy Mansion and achieving engaged to then Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett. Girls Next door executive producer Kevin Burns serves within the same capacity about the series. Kendra premiered on June 7, 2009, and had record breaking numbers for E! with 2.6 million viewers, called the highest-rated reality debut for your network since 2002′s premiere with the Anna Nicole Show. E! ordered eight episodes. She’s currently taking care of another season of the show which premiered March 14, 2010. In 2010 she published a memoir, Sliding Into Home. Watch the kendra wilkinson sextape.

In 2007 Baskett appeared with an episode of WWE Raw with Bridget Marquardt.

Personal life

On August 13, 2008, the Wall Street Journal reported that Baskett was Olive Garden’s “Biggest Celebrity Fan.” Wilkinson has described Olive Garden’s cuisine as “my soul food.” The newspaper emphasized that her repeated enthusiastic public endorsements with the family cafe were genuine, personal and are not tied to any payment from Olive Garden. Actually, the organization was reported as viewing Wilkinson’s endorsements with “mixed feelings,” and something where it was reluctant to comment since the restaurant focuses on its family-friendly nature.

On March 17, 2010, Baskett’s E! True Hollywood Story premiered on E! Entertainment Television. Through the hour-long episode, she discussed her rocky road to stardom.


On September 22, 2008, the International Business Times reported that Wilkinson was engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett. Wilkinson initially denied this, but she later admitted she was in a relationship with Baskett on October 7, 2008 within an interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. On November 6, 2008, E! Online announced Wilkinson and Baskett were engaged, after he proposed the last Saturday in the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington.

Wilkinson married Baskett on June 27, 2009, in the Playboy Mansion. Although it had been initially announced that Hugh Hefner would give bride away, Kendra’s brother Colin walked her down the aisle. Wilkinson’s family is at attendance, and also former Girls Nearby stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. Us Weekly paid the happy couple $120,000 for your wedding pictures. About the wedding episode of Kendra, Kendra and Hank declared Kendra would be taking Hank’s last name.


On June 11, 2009, Wilkinson announced that she and Baskett were expecting their first baby together. The baby, a boy named Hank Baskett IV, was created December 11, 2009 at 12:37 a.m. in Carmel, Indiana, by Caesarian section, weighing in at 9 pounds 5 ounces (4.2 kg). Kendra’s friends hosted a child shower on September 9, 2009. Wilkinson told E! News that Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner would be the godfather with the baby-on-the-way. “He was like, ‘Oh my god!’ and he cried… Hef is definitely the godfather,” Wilkinson said, but she later denied this in an interview in OK magazine.

In an interview following your birth of Hank IV, Wilkinson revealed she had suffered post-partum depression. “After giving birth, I never brushed my hair, my teeth, or took a shower,” said Wilkinson. “I looked within the mirror eventually and really was depressed. “After the birth she weighed 140 pounds, according to a E! interview. She credited her despression symptoms to moving to Indianapolis where her husband played so right after Hank IV’s birth and feeling remote.

Sex tape

In May of 2010, a relevant video recording of Wilkinson having sex having a then unknown man surfaced. The recording was acquired by Vivid Entertainment, who plans to distribute the tape as Kendra Exposed. Wilkinson is contesting the making, and threatened to sue should or not it’s released. RadarOnline reported that in 2008, Wilkinson herself set up a company called “Home Run Productions LLC,” whereby she made several tries to sell sex tapes. Sources have reported that Wilkinson has been paid $680,000, and also splitting profits with Justin Frye, the man in the video.

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